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Renzo - Let's tell the truth

Renzo - Let's tell the truth


Here is an exclusive work by RENZO entitled "SAYING THE TRUTH".


Renzo is a pure product of Parisian graffiti which continues to shape him.

After doing his scales at the Ecole Estienne, he continues to explore typography in all its forms alongside L'Atlas within the VAO collective.

The letter quickly becomes the structuring element around which his work revolves. His research is then oriented towards a writing capable of creating a dialogue between typographic forms and the spirit of graffiti.

He is part of the Calligraffiti movement to which he merges optical art in order to encrypt his writing and flirt with abstraction.

Like a lapidary engraver, he cuts out his letters from their frameworks.

Variations of shadows and lights suggest the structure of the letter.

The eye is solicited, it is up to him to decipher the message.


Assemble and discover his work piece after piece.

A work that deserves!


This is a 500 piece puzzle.

Size of the puzzle 33 cm x 48 cm.

This is a signed edition on the box, limited to 20 copies only.

Certificate of authenticity hand signed by the artist provided.


This puzzle is of a very difficult level, for experienced amateurs.

Only 1 left in stock
  • Colissimo delivery

    2 weeks

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