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TEMPONOK is a Parisian Graffiti Artist. He produced his first murals in 1999 in the southern suburbs of Paris. Its name finds its origin in the abbreviation of the term "temporality" attached to the acronym "NOK", the collective of artists with whom he has been working on the graffiti scene since 2001 and with whom he has been exploring the different facets for over 15 years. of this art. In 2006, during a trip to Japan, he was invited to paint by the Tokyo artists Imaone, and Ndec. From this encounter with Japanese culture, a fresco will be born, south of Tokyo, in a place called the Ghost Tunnel. Using a local brand of spray paint with little coverage and for domestic use, he plays with diluted colors to achieve his first work which is partly transparent. Voluptuous in form and airy in features, hence its style.

Subsequently, he refined his work, always bringing more technical mastery and dreaminess with influences at the antipodes of graffiti. In particular the painter of still life, Sebastien Stoskopf, the contemporary artist Dokoupil, the designers Verhoeven twins or the artist Emmanuelle Etienne from la Verrerie. The soap bubble, and transparency in general, are now his graphic signature, light and delicate, through which he transmits strong emotions.

His favorite subject, Memento Mori (remember you are going to die), is a pictorial genre that pays homage to life, not an idolatry of death. He tends to capture the beauty of a moment, however short it may be on the scale of the universe. And to mark his achievements in space and time, he integrates the surrounding landscape through his games of reflections with the subtlety borrowed from a Van Eyck.

Today, in parallel with future collective and personal exhibitions, he is redefining his notion of urban art through a large-scale personal project, the StreetLife Session project ...

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