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Bishop Parigo - Rainbow

Bishop Parigo - Rainbow


Assemble and discover over the pieces this superb work by Bishop Parigo  titled 'Rainbow'.


This is a puzzle of 500 pieces.

Puzzle format 33x48 cm.

Limited edition of 40 copies + 5 AP.

Puzzle signed and numbered by the artist.

Certificate of authenticity provided.

Color printing  mast.

Made in France


A Work to be earned!


Bishopparigo, whose real name is Nicolas Poirier, is a Parisian artist.

Specializing in the contemporary urban universe, he evolves in a colorful world where the smile is king, and carefree the master. He made his little birds his trademark, encouraging spectators to rediscover their childish souls.

INSTAGRAM @bishopparigo


    These are pre-orders.

    It takes 3  at 5  weeks  to produce and have the puzzles signed.

    Deliveries will begin in mid January.

    If you want to make a gift for Christmas, however, we can send you the certificate of authenticity as well as the  postcard with a "voucher for a Bishop Parigo puzzle", in order to be able to put something under the tree, while waiting for the delivery which will arrive a few days later,  at your house.

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